Jacqueline, Côte d’Ivoire


“It was a boil on my leg, like a small pimple,” says 11-year-old Jacqueline. “I didn’t show it to my mum. But it became a wound, so I then showed it to her.”

Thankfully, Jacqueline’s mother took her to the hospital right away. All too often people seek the help of traditional healers first.

At the hospital, Jacqueline was diagnosed with Buruli ulcer. She was terrified. “I couldn’t sleep at night,” she says. “I cried. I couldn’t go to school.”

But thanks to your support, she received the antibiotics to cure this flesh-eating disease. Your gifts also provide ongoing care at a local clinic where Jacqueline is able to get her wound dressings changed on her way to school. Thank you for providing the cure and expert care for children like Jacqueline.

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