Isaac, Ghana

Isaac seems shy at first, quietly fiddling with some blocks. His parents are both corn farmers in Ghana. About eight months ago, his mother noticed a swelling on Isaac’s side. She applied a herbal remedy, but it didn’t help. So she took five-year-old Isaac to the local clinic. The staff told her to travel to our partner hospital in Agogo, about an hour’s motorbike ride from her village.

The Dilemma

“I was in a dilemma about whether to go at first,” she says. “I wasn’t sure the hospital could help. I had to leave the young children behind.” Isaac has five brothers and sisters, and his mother couldn’t take all of them with her.

But she courageously set out for the hospital where Isaac was quickly diagnosed and put on treatment. Unfortunately the swelling had already developed into a large ulcer on his side. So, in addition to antibiotic injections, he needed wound care and physiotherapy. Thankfully, because of your gifts, he could receive this expert care right at the hospital.

Happy and Thankful

Isaac and his mother have now been at the hospital, away from their family and home, for around seven months. “I worry about my family back in the village a lot,” his mother says. “My husband has visited once a month, but I want to return to my children and help in the field.”

Although the long hospital stay has been difficult, Isaac and his mother are happy to be here and thankful for the wonderful care he is receiving – all thanks to your compassionate support.

What’s more, Isaac is also getting an education. There is electricity and he can play with the toys and the other children at the hospital. This makes his mother smile. “He was scared before, and it was painful… but he’s OK now. He likes the puzzles!”

A Lesson About Buruli Ulcer

“I didn’t know what Buruli ulcer was,” she adds. “I’d like to know more about it though, so I can protect my other children.”

Because of your generous gifts, when Isaac is discharged, his mother will get a lesson about Buruli ulcer from trained nurses. Thank you for making this possible! And thank you for partnering with us to transform the lives of children like Isaac.