Changes Underway at One of the Busiest Leprosy Hospitals in the World

We have reached the half-way point in the four-year expansion of Lalgadh Leprosy Services Center in Nepal, one of the busiest leprosy hospitals in the world. Thanks to the support of people like you and USAID’s American Schools and Hospitals Abroad program, we are expanding and modernizing the outpatient department, laboratory, registration, emergency unit and footwear department.

Hospital Staff Look Forward to New and Improved Buildings

Recently one of our team members toured the construction with four hospital staff. These dedicated staff members shared their excitement, appreciation and anticipation.


“We didn’t know that people from foreign countries cared about us. But when we look at this building we know that they do.” — Ramnandan, footwear technician


“Look at that new extension. When it is finished patients will get much better service because there will be opportunity for confidentiality. When it’s quiet people will be able to share not just their medical problems but also everything about their lives. I am really going to enjoy coming to work so much more when the building is ready because we don’t want to just cure diseases, we want to cure lives.” — Bharat, doctor’s orderly


“The new building will give us so much more space, there will also be places for people to sit and wait… We will be able to interact with them as individuals and not just as parts of a crowd, and that will give us all dignity.” — Srijan, registration office clerk, pictured at home with his daughter


“…this building was designed to cope with the needs of 50 patient visits per day, but now patient numbers have shot up and we average 350 visits a day… I want our service to be truly exceptional, not just good relative to other poorer services… I am truly longing for these buildings to be finished soon.” — KP, outpatient department manager

Your gifts are transforming Lalgadh hospital so even more suffering people can receive healing and hope. Thank you for your compassionate support.