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New NTD Innovation Prize Launched

Cash prize up to $25,000 for innovators with creative, new ideas for solving challenging issues posed by NTDs and providing transformative impact for people affected. Applications due May 31, 2019 at Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) affect more than one billion of the world’s most vulnerable people. These diseases can… Read More

You Helped Us Deliver Hope and Healing

Deep in the rainforest, in the remote corners of the Republic of the Congo, people are suffering. But difficulty does not stop us from our mission. We are determined to bring hope and healing to suffering people. So, we have exiting news. Because of faithful partners like you, a Toyota… Read More

7,091 Pounds of Life-Changing Help

Doctors and health workers in central Ghana do not have the basic medicines and supplies their patients need. Illnesses and infections go untreated. Pharmacies in clinics and hospitals are empty. Patients need to travel long distances in search of medicines. But all that changed when you stepped in to help…. Read More

Equipping Women in India to Improve WASH and Stop Disease

Clean water to drink. Toilets and indoor plumbing. Sinks for washing hands. All things that help stop disease and keep us healthy. But many people living in poverty do not have adequate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). And this contributes to the spread of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) like leprosy,… Read More

Precious Medical Supplies Save Lives in Africa

Thanks to your generosity, more than 100 boxes of critical medicines and medical supplies were sent to the Central African Republic earlier this year. The medicines you sent went deep into poverty zones to help suffering people who lack access to basic medicine and medical supplies that you or I… Read More

The Power of Self-Care

Leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) can cause lifelong disabilities. In order to prevent and manage disabilities, it is important to take proper care of nerve-damaged hands and feet, swollen legs, open wounds and damaged eyes. You are helping us bring compassionate care to people in Nigeria affected by… Read More

2017 Annual Report: Reaching the World with Health, Hope and the Love of Jesus

For more than 110 years, American Leprosy Missions has followed in the footsteps of Jesus, helping people with leprosy and related diseases be healed and restored to lives of dignity and hope. Today, with the support of people like you, we continue to lead a global fight against leprosy and… Read More

Leveraging Expertise in Nigeria

For more than 110 years, American Leprosy Missions has specialized in providing expert care to people suffering from leprosy-related disabilities. But leprosy isn’t the only disease that can lead to lifelong disabilities. There are millions of people at risk of similar disabilities caused by other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). So,… Read More

Expanding High-Quality Healthcare Services at One of the Busiest Leprosy Hospitals in the World

When Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital and Services Center in southeastern Nepal opened its doors in 1996, it was designed for the several thousand people affected by leprosy who came for treatment each year. Last year the hospital provided almost 104,000 patient consultations, including nearly 12,500 for people affected by leprosy. The… Read More

Exciting New Partnership Launches in Africa

In June 2017, American Leprosy Missions launched an exciting new partnership with Pioneer Christian Hospital in Republic of the Congo. Thanks to your compassionate support, we will be reaching into underserved, remote areas of Africa with cure and care for leprosy and related diseases. Your gifts will be helping the… Read More

Successful Buruli Ulcer Drug Test Leads to Global Changes in Treatment

Buruli ulcer is a flesh-eating disease related to leprosy. Thankfully, it can be cured with eight weeks of daily shots. These shots contain two antibiotics. But, one of the antibiotics has a limited supply and some serious side effects, like hearing loss. Plus, half of people who get Buruli ulcer… Read More

Life-Changing Hospital Supplies Set Sail

The container ship has left the port! Onboard are essential medicines and supplies worth $2,935,690. Thanks to your generosity, these much-needed resources are headed to Ganta Leprosy/TB Rehabilitation Center in Liberia. Many doctors and health workers in Africa lack basic medicine and medical supplies. Illnesses, infections and more go untreated…. Read More

Finding Better Ways to Detect and Treat Disease

Did you know that your support is helping scientists and researchers all over the world discover practical new ways to help people suffering from leprosy and related diseases? Your gifts are supporting research projects to: improve early detection of leprosy stop the transmission of leprosy prevent nerve damage develop new… Read More

Unsung Heroes in the Fight Against Leprosy

Health workers are on the front lines of the work to bring life-changing cure and care to people suffering from leprosy and related diseases. Each health worker has the opportunity to impact hundreds of people in the most remote and underserved areas of our planet. So we equip, train, partner,… Read More

A Happy World Christmas

In the country of Nepal, where more than 80% of the population is Hindu, a dog named Happy is sharing about the love of Jesus with children. Happy, a loveable large dog, is the host of a popular Christian television show for children called Happy’s World. This past December, Happy… Read More

Connecting A Billion People to Care

The late Dr. Margaret Brand, a pioneering leprosy expert and eye surgeon, and a friend, once shared with me a story from when she took part in a India-wide health campaign to distribute vitamin A. She told me that one day, a young mother came into the outpatient clinic carrying… Read More

Changes Underway at One of the Busiest Leprosy Hospitals in the World

We have reached the half-way point in the four-year expansion of Lalgadh Leprosy Services Center in Nepal, one of the busiest leprosy hospitals in the world. Thanks to the support of people like you and USAID’s American Schools and Hospitals Abroad program, we are expanding and modernizing the outpatient department,… Read More

Your Love Brings Health and Hope to Nepal

In rural southeastern Nepal there is a village called Sinurjoda. One section of that village, Ward 7, is inhabited almost exclusively by Dalit people. These are the untouchables, the marginalized, the outcast. They suffer from poverty and disease. They lack education, clean water and sanitation. During the last two years,… Read More

Health and Hope in Africa

The flesh-eating disease Buruli ulcer attacks children and adults, leaving open wounds and causing disabilities. Working through our partner hospital in the DR Congo, American Leprosy Missions provides treatment for Buruli ulcer and invests in the health of the surrounding communities. The Buruli ulcer hospital ward used to be full… Read More

Your Gifts Give Life

In April, your gifts sent 25 boxes of critical medicines and supplies worth $3.3 million to one of our partner hospitals in Nepal. The medicines you sent are helping people suffering from leprosy as well as many other patients in need. Twenty-four-year-old Sushma gave birth to her baby only six… Read More