American Leprosy Missions Assists Victims of the Devastating Nepal Earthquakes

Update: Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our partners deliver supplies to a mountainous area south of the capital.

Our partners deliver supplies to a mountainous area south of the capital.

When powerful earthquakes shook Nepal, you rushed to give compassionate support. Your gifts helped our two partner hospitals reach victims with emergency relief, humanitarian aid and medical care. More than four hundred people have received medical care and hundreds of families have received rice, blankets, tarps and other emergency relief. Thank you!

The poorest and most marginalized people — those with leprosy and of low caste — have been the most affected by this tragedy. During the days, weeks and months ahead, with your partnership, we will continue to help them recover and rebuild.

Please pray for:

  • those who have lost loved ones
  • people in the affected regions who don’t feel safe in their own homes
  • wisdom for our partners as they decide how best to utilize personnel and resources, in order to meet current and future needs resulting from the earthquakes
  • continued safety and strength for our staff and partners

Thank you for reaching out in Jesus’ name to help the people of Nepal during this time of tragedy.

Donate now to help those suffering from the disaster in Nepal.

Update: Friday, May 15, 2015

The second earthquake resulted in further cracks and damage to Anandaban Hospital wards including one of the male wards, two staff quarters and a guest house, which is now deemed unsafe. Cracks have appeared in wards which were spared in the previous earthquake.

Patients were evacuated and are still out in the open ground following the quake and injured people coming from local areas are being treated there too. The hospital has treated a total of 289 earthquake victims with 51 major surgeries and 152 minor surgeries and procedures.

Teams from both Anandaban Hospital and Lalgadh Leprosy Services Center are providing medical care, relief and humanitarian aid including food and non-food items to surrounding communities.

Anandaban Hospital staff quarters damaged by the first major earthquake.

Anandaban Hospital staff quarters damaged by the first major earthquake.

Update: Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A major earthquake has struck eastern Nepal, near Mount Everest, two weeks after more than 8,000 died in a devastating quake. The 7.3 quake today was followed by six aftershocks of magnitude 5.0 or higher.

Our staff and partners in Kathmandu report that they are OK, although they have lost power. The wounded have already begun arriving at Anandaban Hospital.

This earthquake struck closer to our partner hospital in the southeastern part of the country, Lalgadh Leprosy Services Center. Staff were delivering aid close to the center of the earthquake when it struck. No serious damage is reported at the hospital.

Donate now to bring relief to those suffering from the earthquakes in Nepal.

Update: Friday, May 1, 2015

Our partner near Kathmandu, Anandaban Hospital, has directly treated 213 earthquake victims. 32 have been admitted for major surgeries. Medical teams have been dispatched from the hospital to five, hard-hit districts to help with relief efforts. The hospital is currently being used as a base camp for surgeons and medical staff from around Nepal and other countries.

Another partner, Lalgadh Leprosy Services Center, located in the southeastern part of the country has been asked to assist with relief efforts in a nearby hill district. Reports are that over 2,800 homes were destroyed in this area. Lalgadh will be assisting with shelter, food and infection control during the first phase of relief efforts. Unfortunately, an outbreak of diarrhea has already been reported.

Many people in Nepal are traumatized by the death and destruction all around them. Pray for peace, comfort, strength and hope for our staff, partners and the people of Nepal.

Nepal earthquake-Anandaban

A staff member at our partner hospital outside Kathmandu helps an earthquake victim.

Update: Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Below is a summary of recent reports from our staff and partners on the ground in Nepal.

  • The 11-mile road connecting Kathmandu and our partner hospital is now clear. This will allow patients and supplies to get to the hospital.
  • Three medical teams are scheduled to be dispatched to the surrounding communities. The teams will visit for a few days and then be sent out to other areas. It has been difficult to communicate with villages so these trips are vital. During the trips they will assess the needs of leprosy patients.
  • Surgeons will remain at the hospital due to the great number of surgeries. Today alone they have 15 scheduled.
  • In one high-altitude mountain district 95% of the houses of people affected by leprosy have collapsed; 215 houses in total.

Original Posting

American Leprosy Missions is mobilizing to support relief efforts at our partner hospitals after a powerful earthquake toppled buildings, killing thousands. We are initiating a response to meet basic, urgent needs with medical and humanitarian aid.

American Leprosy Missions started working in Nepal in 1982. Our staff and partners on the ground in Kathmandu are safe and are working to provide relief and assistance.

Leprosy service centers are now overwhelmed with response to the medical needs of patients who have suffered injuries from the earthquake. Our partner, Anandaban Hospital, located just outside the center of Kathmandu, has treated 75 earthquake victims. While the hospital is still standing, it is feared the building may not survive the aftershocks so all patients have been moved outside into tents. Staff houses have collapsed and other buildings have been damaged. Roads have been closed, but as they open the hospital is expecting an influx of patients.

Five doctors and a surgeon are working around the clock to treat patients with fractures and injuries and are providing emergency surgery. Another surgeon is trying to reach the hospital which has limited power provided by an emergency generator. Patient numbers have doubled since Saturday.

We are continuing to assess damage and urgent needs. Currently there is no power or water in Kathmandu and communication remains difficult.

Please pray for the people of Nepal and our staff and partners on the ground.

Help bring relief to those suffering from the disaster in Nepal.

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