American Leprosy Missions Announces Management Team Changes

The nation’s leading voice in the fight to cure and care for people affected by leprosy and related diseases today announced two management team changes.

James Oehrig, chief program officer, is taking on the role of vice president of integral mission, effective December 1, 2015. In this newly created role, Oehrig will develop partnerships and collaborations with Christian organizations and churches in communities where American Leprosy Missions works. Oehrig transitions to this position after successfully building and leading a highly qualified program team for ten years.

“American Leprosy Missions was founded on Christian compassion,” says American Leprosy Missions President and CEO Bill Simmons. “By creating this new position, we are intentionally dedicating resources to ensure that we continue to implement programs in a way that honors God and reflects this same Christian compassion. Jim has proven that he cares deeply about the dignity of people and the church’s role in protecting and restoring that dignity. He is perfectly suited to ensure our excellence in integral mission.”

Darren Schaupp, director of program operations, is being promoted to vice president of programs, effective December 1, 2015. In this role Schaupp will lead the program team in implementing American Leprosy Missions’ five-year strategic plan. All current international and domestic program staff will report to Schaupp. As director of program operations since 2013, Schaupp helped develop and implement program strategies, improving the effectiveness of American Leprosy Missions’ projects around the world.

“As vice president of programs, Darren will lead and drive the organization toward increasing its program impact around the world,” says Simmons. “In five years we aim to increase the number of people directly benefiting from our programs 10-fold. Darren is looking forward to implementing the strategies and objectives that will enable us to reach this bold goal.”

About Integral Mission

Integral mission, or holistic transformation, is the church living out its faith in Jesus in every aspect of life. It is the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel. It’s recognizing that people are more than their disease or despair. They are made in God’s image. Integral mission is answering God’s call to love one another.

People affected by leprosy and related diseases need medical treatment, ongoing care and socio-economic services; whenever possible, we work through Christian partners who help them access these things. But people affected by leprosy also need their hope and dignity restored.

Local churches and Christian organizations know the needs of their communities and have the potential to change lives – helping heal emotional scars and offering hope and togetherness. This is a powerful and effective way to help restore suffering people to lives of dignity and hope.

About American Leprosy Missions

American Leprosy Missions, based in Greenville, South Carolina, is the oldest and largest Christian organization in the United States dedicated to curing and caring for people affected by leprosy and related diseases. It currently supports projects and partners in countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas. Since its founding in 1906, American Leprosy Missions has provided holistic care to more than four million people around the world including medical treatment and training, community development and vaccine research.

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