Strategic Plan


Since 1906, American Leprosy Missions has been a global leader in the fight against leprosy. Building on our expertise in treatment and care, we have launched a new, strategic plan for FY 2016-FY 2020.

During the next five years, we will grow the impact of our programs, exponentially increasing the number of people directly benefiting from our projects from 100,000 in 2015, to one million in 2020.

A Bold Plan: The Path to One Million

American Leprosy Missions works to cure leprosy where we find it, care for those damaged by the disease, and actually end it in our time.

By 2020, one million people around the world will be directly benefiting from our programs of cure, care and end. This will dramatically expand the number of men, women and children experiencing healing and restoration.


ALM-FourPriorityIcons-ImprovingWellbeing2Strategic Priority One: Improving Well-Being

Restore people affected by leprosy and related diseases to lives of dignity and hope.

  1. Disability prevention and management: Equip people to practice self-care and health systems to provide advanced care.
  2. Empowerment: Enable inclusion by reducing stigma and discrimination through advocacy, health education and self-help groups.
  3. Healthy, developing communities: Empower communities to improve water, sanitation, hygiene, livelihood and education.
  4. Spiritual wholeness: Motivate and equip Christian partners to serve as a channel of Christ’s love.

ALM-FourPriorityIcons-StoppingDisease2Strategic Priority Two: Stopping Disease

Stop the transmission of leprosy and related diseases and heal those affected.

  1. Stopping transmission: Invest in programs and research to stop transmission.
  2. Early detection and treatment: Find, diagnose and treat leprosy and related diseases quickly and accurately.

ALM-FourPriorityIcons-GrowingHealthyPartnerships2Strategic Priority Three: Growing Healthy Partnerships

Build and expand a network of strong, strategic partnerships with supporting partners, implementing coalitions, the general public and churches.

  1. Involved donors: Involve the donor community as volunteer ambassadors and legacy donors.
  2. Coalition and network engagement: Increase participation in strong implementing coalitions and leverage existing networks.
  3. Public visibility: Expand public awareness of American Leprosy Missions.
  4. Church partnerships: Grow church partnerships by intentionally engaging volunteer advocates.

ALM-FourPriorityIcons-Strengthening2Strategic Priority Four: Strengthening Capacity and Operational Excellence

Continue to develop a highly competent team and increase financial resources available for programs, increasing operational efficiency.

  1. Increased team capacity: Ensure staff are engaged and equipped to succeed.
  2. Quality program management: Improve the quality of program management and reporting.
  3. Public contribution growth: Increase fundraising revenue by engaging donors through relevant communication.
  4. Institutional grant growth: Increase the amount of institutional grant revenue.